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Management Consulting to Structure & Re-Structure Corporate IT Organization

There are different facets to IT in a corporate world. Every company lately has been exposed to new challenges that drive the need to cut operating costs, reduce infrastructure expenditure while optimizing investments to stay competitive in the marketplace. IT restructuring initiatives are often launched to achieve the goals defined by the executive stakeholders.

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IT Structuring vs. Re-structuring ?

These two terms are rather tactical. IT Structuring can be referred to as design of a new IT organization structure to achieve the corporate cost reductions, technology enhancements and infrastructure optimization goals. In this scenarios the current existing IT org setup is not allowed to influence the new design. IT Re-structuring is more focused in making changes to the current IT organization in focused areas where the setup is ineffective or where the infrastructure is not robust enough to meet the requirements for corporate growth.

Engagement Model

  • Our first step is to meet with executive management to understand the short term and long term corporate vision. This can include revenue growth projections, client services, system capabilities, etc.
  • Assess current IT setup including org structure, governance, engagement model, etc
  • Interview key business stakeholders to measure value IT delivers to the business
  • Develop business satisfaction matrix for the IT systems and services
  • Review current IT spending against target allocated budget
  • Develop new IT org model proposal to include all key corporate functions including project delivery, IT security, infrastructure, end-user support, application maintenance, etc. Our goal to to staff your IT adequately to sufficiently cover all essential areas considering the budget. Outsourcing IT support to cost-efficient countries will be considered if there are budgetary constraints.
  • Review the proposed IT structure with CIO and key corporate leaders
  • Execute the transition of org to the new structure
  • Execute pilot and get approval from management to deploy remainder of the proposed model
  • Stabilize the new IT organization and ensure the governance is effective
  • Signoff and acceptance of new IT organization by CIO and key executive management stakeholders
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