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SAP Program Management - our Signature Advisory Service

SAP Program Management is our most popular and well recognized advisory service in the industry in North America. We typically engage a Trusted Advisor or SAP Program Lead on your SAP implementation working closely with the Executive Sponsor for the program. Occasionally our clients request a team of 3-4 SAP program managers led by Trusted Advisor on large global template deployment programs with a budget of $50-$100 millions. It is always recommended to engage our program management advisors early in the project to maximize the value of our service and ensure the project is initiated correctly towards a successful execution and deployment.

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The SAP Program Advisor will work with the executive sponsor, C-level and other management stakeholders to define the business case for your SAP business transformation program. This may include value the program will deliver to your customers, marketplace, internal operations and partners. We ensure that the program is setup to help your company achieve the goals and targets defined on in the corporate roadmap.


We work with the business leaders, IT vendor and all key stakeholders to produce a high quality project blueprint. This means that each of your business work stream leads will have a good understanding on how your business processes and requirements will be addressed in the to-be state. Our role here is to serve as a advisor and guide to verify thorough assessment of business requirements are performed followed by documentation of to-be process flows, process integration, fit-gap analysis and solution inventory. Program Advisor will chair the project Q-gate evaluation which will include verification of business approvals and signoffs on all key aspects of blueprint. Without our recommendation and executive sponsor approval the project will not be allowed to exit the blueprint phase.

SAP Program ManagementLifecycle of SAP Program Manager Engagement Through a Transformation Program

Build (or Realization)

Large number of activities are expected to take place in the build phase provided your project has done a good job in defining the blueprint. Program Advisor will work with your IT vendor leaders to verify that configurations along with functional & technical designs are done according to the solution inventory produced in blueprint. We will work with the business project manager to ensure a good business migration and organizational changement management strategy is defined. We will also review the solution in complex areas, verify solution architecture and ensure there is a solid data migration strategy developed for the upcoming cutover phase. One thing we emphasize in build phase is the REQUIREMENTS TRACEABILITY MATRIX that maps each of your business requirements with a process and there on to solution followed by test scenario for UAT. So in the end we verify that business work stream leads signs off that each business requirement is covered in at least one UAT test scenarios. During this time conduct build solution review of select complex areas together with the business leaders and key users.

UAT & Cutover Preparation

Program Managers and our Advisor will verify that each UAT scenario is tested and validated by key users followed by approvals from business leads. During this time we oversee the cutover simulation cycle runs to verify the data migration process and also to assess the data quality of production data set. We will review the output of each simulation cycle runs and provide approval when the data quality has met our expectations. Amongst many other steps we follow during this preparation phase ..... we also verify the end user training plans along with communication protocols with your internal and external stakeholders. If not done already in the build phase, we may ask your IT vendor to present the disaster recovery and rollback strategies along with measures to ensure business continuity.

Cutover and Final Preparation

Our Program Advisor will be oversee the cutover monitoring and execution protocols. We will define key milestones and approval matrix followed by cutover task verification review with individual task owners. We introduce at least 4-6 GoLive checkpoints and a final Go-NoGo check point to review the cutover readiness and address any risks & issues to the cutover. These many checkpoints allow us to get a full transparency of cutover quality and any last minute challenges experienced by the project team. Program Advisor and Executive Sponsor will chair these checkpoints and provide approvals to these intermediate quality gates. Finally we will lead the Go-NoGo checkpoint with the Steering Committee to ensure full program readiness to cutover and also address any concerns from ther Steering Committee.

Post Cutover Stabilization and Transition to COE

We will participate in all daily GoLive issues review and ensure all key resources, protocols and escalation path is in place to address the post GoLive issues in a timely manner. Program Advisor will conduct daily issues resolution assessment reviews with PMO. Only when our criteria is met, we will allow the project to be transitioned to the Center of Excellence which will then take over the project from the project IT vendor and support the long term maintenance of newly deployed SAP system.

Above are just a summary of select key activities and measures we follow while engaged on your SAP implementation. To know more about our SAP Program Management service, please request a FREE no-obligation call with one of our SAP Progam Advisors by sending an email to