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SAP Project Reviews & Implementation Assessment

Project Reviews and Implementation Assessments is a unqiue offering from iii Technologies which provides our SAP implementation experts to assess the overall health of your SAP program. These reviews are primarily focused on validation of footprints on your projects including phase quality gates, deliverables and tasks completed at a specific point in time. Project reviews can be continuous scheduled evaluations throughout the duration of the program or periodic scheduled audits at completion of key milestones of the program.

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SAP Project Reviews can be comprehensive or high level expedited assessments depending on what is requested by our client leadership. These reviews do not always indicate project challenges or issues. But, many clients request periodic reviews of their SAP implementation as a proactive measure to ensure the project is executed correctly and deliverables produced are of high quality there by reducing future risks on the program. One difference between continuous evaluations and scheduled audits is that during continuous assessments we proactively define benchmarks with guidelines at the beginning of each phase. During our evaluations at the completion of key milestones we measure the performance and artifacts produced on the program against these guidelines and performance indications discussed at the beginning of that phase.

So what do we typically do ? This can vary on the purpose of the review and the timing in the implementation. We typically start out reviewing the project plan for the elapsed phase and also right from the beginning if the review is the first. Our Project Review Expert amongst many other things will most certainly review deliverables produced, validation of key activities and business approvals produced for completed tasks and artifacts. We may also interview key stakeholders and also conduct in-depth interviews with key users along with IT team members for areas failing to meet our assessment benchmarks.

Project Assessment Report - Findings and Recommendations

At the conclusion of each project review, our team will provide the executive sponsor with the findings and our assessment of your project. These findings are 100% fact based and we make every attempt to be as thorough as possible. We will also highlight areas that are working well as well as areas of concern. For problematic areas which we usually refer to as RED FLAGS, we will provide our assessment along with recommendations to address these red flags before these can be a major pain point for the program. If the overall program is exposed to significant risks then we will discuss these risks and issues with the executive sponsor and if needed we may be asked to present detailed findings to the Steering Committee.

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